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Share Jesus Without Fear

*Success in witnessing is living the Christian life daily, sharing the gospel, and trusting God for the results. Success is not bringing someone to Christ!

Only God saves: "Jesus said; no one comes to me unless the Father Who sent Me draws him" John 6:44. 

This takes the pressure off - no fear, you can’t fail because only God saves!


Three simple steps for sharing Jesus without fear:

1. Five questions to determine where God is working.

2. Seven verses to let the Bible speak.

3. Five questions to lead to the point of decision.

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Audio Resources

8/31/2016Share Jesus without FearSteve Feeley
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9/4/2013Sharing Jesus Without FearMichael Fichera and Steve Feeley
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6/22/2011Sharing Jesus Without Fear - Pt.2Steve Feeley
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6/15/2011Sharing Jesus Without Fear - Pt.1Steve Feeley
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