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Catch the Vision

Children's Ministry Training Workshops

The following workshops were presented in August 2013.

Jenn HoppesCatch the Vision

Presenter: Jenn Hoppes
Audience: All Children’s Ministry Volunteers

Description: Do you know what the vision of Children’s Ministry actually is? Did you hear it before but forget? We all suffer from “vision leak” sometimes and need to be refreshed and inspired by looking at the goals of our ministry and exploring the why behind what we do. It strengthens our ministry to have all leaders on the same page!

Creating a Productive Learning EnvironmentCreating a Productive Learning Environment

Presenter: Keenan Mitchell
Audience: All Children’s Ministry Volunteers

Description: This workshop provides tips and strategies to help you turn your classroom or small group into a smooth-flowing and productive educational environment that is alive with learning and buzzing with the hum of conversation.

Leading Small Part 1

Lead Small

Presenter: Kim Eshleman
Audience: All Small Group Leaders (Preschool - Grade 6)

Description: You chose to invest in the few lives in your group. So, what exactly do you do? Ultimately, what is your role? Even more so, why? In these 2 sessions, we will explore 5 strategies that you can put into practice to encourage the personal, vibrant, passionate, tested, living, AUTHENTIC FAITH we are trying to cultivate in our children.







Renee ManzThe Art of Worship

Presenter: Renee Manz
Audience: All Children’s Ministry Volunteers (2 Year Olds - Grade 6)

Description: You really enjoy helping kids grow closer to Jesus but do you ever feel like Children’ s Worship Music is just something you have to "get through" on a Sunday morning because it’s “not your thing with all the silly motions and jumping around?" Please join us to explore how and why YOU are an important part of teaching kids to worship their Creator, Lord and Savior. Come to find out why worship music sung “kid style” is important to engaging and developing kids into true worshipers.

Jenn HoppesInfants/ Walkers

Presenter: Jenn Hoppes
Audience: All Infant and Walker Room Volunteers

Description: Love rocking babies and caring for little ones. In these sessions, we will review all infant/walker room protocol and policies. We will share how caring for these little ones can be more than just ”babysitting."